• Stranger On Earth
  • Stranger On Earth (Manuel-M Remix)
  • Beautiful Day




We stay in Paris with Burst, who mades 2 delicious tracks & another cool remix from Manuel-M.
Let’s start with « stranger on earth », a delicate track which remains some influences from Kollektiv Turmstrasse with a melancholic progress on the track.
We continue with a cool tech house remix from Manuel-M with vocoder, chords progressions & oldschool rythms… Perfect for the « spacy sound » lover ! And for finish, a happy track called « beautiful day ». No more words, let’s talk about Burst.
Burst is a DJ & producer influenced by the new electronic tendencies (electro, minimal and tech house). BURST’s passion for mixing quickly turns out to be major when he gets his first turntables. His story corners in 2000 when he puts the finishing touches to his vinyl mix techniques marked with hip hop & drum’n’bass sounds and returns to his first love: techno music. Producing his music was the natural not to say unavoidable evolution process to reassert his style. After work, learn, experimentation, he locked himself in his studio, to release his first ep in 2008. BURST imposes his personal style with sub bass sounds, percussive grooves, pounding and pulsating rhythms to rock any dance floors!