• Weak
  • Intern
  • Rouge
  • Weak (Irfane Remix)
  • Weak (Snuff Crew Remix)
  • Intern (Acid Washed Remix)




Halgan is an immaterial force born from pain and sorrow, an insidious virus spreading vice and temptation, corrupting safe and predictable lives and turning them into adrenaline-addicted adventures in a world of mystery and hedonism. Halgan is the dark passenger in the schizophrenic journey of Parisian worldly photographer and all-around bon-vivant Fabien aka Keffer. For this first foray into production, Fabien wanted to paint a coherent picture, he adopted the Halgan persona and centered his tunes around the theme of the sea, deep and rich with life, at times tormented dangerous and uncontrollable. The choice of this aquatic theme is a token of Halgan’s passion for ancestral Detroit Techno obsessions, yet on this « The Sea » EP he displays these techno influences without letting them cannibalize his own style and vision.

« Weak » is a beautifully efficient spinning techno number with a vertigo-inducing bass line that doesn’t stop throughout the track. Meanwhile synth waves drown the listener, attracting him towards the bottom of the ocean where a new world awaits him.

« Intern » is a beat-less contemplative electronic ballroom dance in a world of corals and sea anemones. A blissful-yet-poisonous symphony of sonars. Like one last grasp of air before the big dip.

« Rouge » is the most hybrid and contemporary track on the EP. Unapologetically dark and evil, it is Neptune’s declaration of war on us poor terrestrial beings. Snares appear and disappear almost patternlessly like giant seashell traps, kick drums stab mortals in the heart like sonic tridents.

In comparison to the rest of the EP, infamous Outlines leader and Breakbot and Para One collaborator Irfane’s remix of « Weak » sounds like he took the disco to the bottom of the sea. It’s still kind of twisted though, like a soft core porn version of the underwater cabaret scenes in The Little Mermaid, or Spongebob Squarepants having a night out in a Berlin backroom.
Gigolo alumni and dark german analog gods Snuff Crew brings the focus back on minimalism and rigorous hardware discipline via their beat-centered, straight-to-the-point take on « Weak ». A great subaquatic techno tool.

– Teki Latex

Written, produced and mixed by Keffer in Paris
Remixes produced and mixed by Irfane from Outlines and Snuff Crew
Masterised by Krikor in Paris
Thanks to Eric Roth
Artwork by Keffer
Illustration of « The battle of 4 days » by Abraham Storck