• Inside You
  • Ending
  • Ending (Manuel-M Stronger Remix)
  • Ending (Manuel-M Lowtempo Mix)
  • Hover


After months of silence, Deep Movements is back with a new website,new ep and a lot of surprises to come…

After Kuba Sojka, it was time to go down in tempo, but this side while keeping cool and quality that distinguishes the label…

Let’s start with « Inside You », a track that the « plastic city » fans will like it!A deep, fine, sexy house,just a sweet start for the next tracks
With « Ending », we continue with a touch of poetic melodies & we recognize the great sound of Marvin Zeyss (With 2 remixes of Manuel-M,one for the lowtempo lovers, and another one for the dancefloor lovers).
We finish these « Movements From Beyond » with « Hover » ,a delicious gem for fans of the label Urbantorque with this classy side, deep house & catchy.

Another side of Deep Movements, a bit sweeter way to start the summer…