• Melancholy
  • Synthetic Emotions
  • Synthetic Emotions (Manuel-M Remix)
  • Synthetic Emotions (Manuel-M Remix V2)
  • Simply Mind
  • Simply Mind (Yasuo Sato Remix)
  • Anxiety



Choosing the right artist for the second Ep is not easy.
After the first Ep with some vitamined tunes, let’s try a new approach of the deep techno style ,

more complex , mental but warm and innovating…

Kuba Sojka aka Psi-Acoustic delivers his « Synthetic Emotions » with 4 tunes ,

which combines cold electronic pads with strong rythms.

Let’s open the Ep slowly with « Melancholy »

a great tune which can be mixed easily with some tunes of Gas / Sleeparchive / Anthony Rother stuff…

Hard & slow at the same time.

« Synthetic Emotions » is a good oldschool Techno tune

(with 2 remixes of Manuel-M with more melodic parts)

« Simply Mind » is a great track to chill out (with a beautiful nu-disco mix from Yasuo Sato) and

« Anxiety » closes the Ep with the same feelings of « Melancholy ».
Fascinating, Kuba Sojka (Matrix records,Rohs! Records…) give us his soul through his music, dark and warm, a pleasure to listen…

Supported by


Laurent Garnier , Fabrice Lig aka Soul Designer , Vince Watson , John Selway , Yasuo Sato , Dosem , Ian O’Donovan , Anthony Shake Shakir , Kaito , Dubble D/MoodymanC , Chloe Harris , Ray Kajioka , Madben ,Rob Belleville , ParisOne webradio , Marvin Zeyss , Philippe Caminade ….




Madben (Hype Muzik / Bastardo Electrico)
The two remixs of Manuel for me! That’s remind me some great Technasia sounds! That’s niiiiice! Will play for sure!!! And nice chillin’ style for simply mind, deeply for Anxiety : perfect for a car trip 🙂

Laurent Garnier (F Communications)

definitely some mixes for me in there

Vince Watson (Tresor / Planet E / Delsin / Bio / Fcom / Everysoul)

Some nice touches in here…. gonna give them a spin

Ian O’Donovan (Wolfskuil Records / Bedrock Records)

Manuel-M remixes are down my street! Thanks!

Fabrice Lig (F Communications / Third Ear Recordings / Kanzleramt / Fine Art Recordings)

I love « Synth Emotion », the Manuel-M remixes are superb, hard to find the one I prefer ! So, will play both ! Simply Mind, the Yasuo Sato remix is really warm, deep, nice one ! Really nice e.p !

Anthony Shake Shakir (Rush Hour / Klang Elektronik)

a good well rounded techno project.

Philippe Caminade (Exit Audio / Deep Movements)

The remixs of Manuel are great, will play it, hard to choose one. Melancholy is a really sweet tune too.

John Selway (CSM)

some great moments, the slower, more cosmic grooves really stand out.

Ray Kajioka (Kanzleramt / Müller Records)

brillant deep stuff… reminds on earlier times but it’s somehow refreshing!

Yasuo Sato (Logos Recordings)

it’s so deep beautiful sound. glad to make the remix of his song. Yasuo

Kaito (Kompakt)

very nice!!! hi quality package!!! Melancholy is my most favorite!

Chloe Harris (Proton, Mistique Music)

Awesome music here

Rob Belleville ((aDepth audio))

Polish hero Kuba Sojka shows his production skills again, resulting in superb and sensual sounds.

Dubble D / Moodymanc (2020 / tsuba / dessous / neurotraxx / kolour / apparel)

Nice! All good…Manual M V2 for me! thanks!

Marvin Zeyss (Brown Eyed Boyz, InDeep)

awesome release, will play this stuff a lot!

Paris One Radio (Reverse Channel)

Deep Movements begins really hardly 🙂 Manuel M remix 1 is a pur emotional trip, love it … And Anxiety is really good too … Playlisted On P1 Reverse